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Djoni Basri Sculpture

Djoni Basri Sculpture

A e-Museum concept. Mr. Basri as a well-skilled sculptor have a willing to "save" all of his art work to keep them safe and memorable. With CMS-Admin in behind the scene.

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Celeb Star Online

Celeb Star Online

Another web site which is following and providing about Celebrity news and gossip. Content are managed through CMS-Admin

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Containing information about beauty products. Using Preview-Slider in smooth sliding yet fast to navigate. Also empowered with CMS-Admin

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Flaming Hips

Flaming Hips

Flaming Hips website is a online shop, selling imported fashion products. It has CMS Admin for managing content, PayPal integrated for payment method.

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Met Indonesia

Met Indonesia

Sweet, simple and clean design concept, providing information about beauty and skin care product. Also powered with user friendly CMS Admin and has Forum within

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Dieting On the Go: iPhone and Smartphone Apps to Help You Lose Weight

Walk down the street and chances are someone is going to run into you. That’s because everyone is multitasking; talking on the phone, sending a text, or playing the latest video game on that 3-inch screen. Hardly anyone is without a cell phone these days, and smartphones are becoming the most popular, whether it be an iPhone, Blackberry, Palm, or one of the myriad other Android-based handheld devices. So why not make use of that handy carry-along technology while trying to lose weight?

Using your cell phone to find healthy food, check calorie counts, keep shopping lists, or track weight loss is a no-brainer. Constantly in your possession, that phone is a walking talking encyclopedia of dietary trivia, so put it to good use. Here are a few suggestions to try out next time you are sitting on the subway, waiting for the bus, or bored to death at your nephew’s piano recital.


GoodGuide Mobile: The diligent staff at GoodGuides analyzes and evaluates products based on potentially hazardous ingredients, environmental impact, and social, labor and political practices of the manufacturer. They have gone a step further with consumer foodstuffs by measuring the ratio of restricted-to-recommended ingredients. The end result is a nutritional analysis that can help you make an informed decision about the companies you spend your money on and what goes into your mouth.

Calorie Count Nutrition Search: From About.com, this app lets you not only count calories but also find nutritional details for any food, including items from restaurants and fast food chains. Free from the BlackBerry App World™.

Healthy Recipes from SparkRecipes: This app, from SparkPeople, can access 200,000 recipes, making it easier to prepare healthy food for you and your family. Recipes include ingredients, # of servings, calories, carbs, and more.

iPhone Nutrition: This app allows you to type in a specific food and get all the nutritional information.


iPhone Calculator: Among other calculators, this program comes with a useful calorie calculator that can help you learn how much an exercise will help you burn off.

Calories Burned Calculator: Figure out how many calories your workout is burning with this helpful mobile calculator.

Daily Calorie Calculator: Get an estimate of how many calories you should be eating each day with this calorie intake calculator.

iPoint Calculator: Those following Weight Watchers will appreciate this calculator, which allows users to easily keep track of how many points they’re having at each meal.


One Trip Shopping List: Never leave home without that shopping list again. Your phone becomes a portable shopping list, which can be used at home or while at the library perusing cookbooks. No need to keep pen and pad handy in the kitchen.

ShopShop: This free app is simple one of the simpler shopping list trackers, generating a list that you can shop from, which you can organize by shopping aisle, and will keep a record of your recent purchases (so you do not duplicate them or to buy more of something you love). It also has the capability of emailing the list to someone else to do your bidding!

GroceryGadget: This app lets you set up lists for regular use and has the capability of taking pictures of items, so that you (or your family shopper) is assured of purchasing the right product. You can build and manage multiple lists, including those for office supplies or a pharmacy.


Weightbot: Makes tracking weight loss a bit more fun than your usual diet app. With its robot sound effects and cool graphics, you plug in the date and your weight, and Weightbot will calculate your BMI. By turning the iPhone on its side, you will get a chart showing your progress.

WeightTracker: This is a rather sophisticated program by SoundTells, and is a bit more pricey than other diet-related apps. But you get a lot of bang for your buck, with graphs, drop down boxes, historical data, and interface with your PC.

WeightLossTracker: This customizable iPhone app logs and stores your data, as well as creates graphs based on that data. Data includes weight, BMI, blood sugar, body fat, heart rate, and you can input your goals, all in a very user-friendly interface.


Weight Loss Sensei: The Sensei is your food samurai, helping you with good food choice recommendations at your favorite restaurants in your home town, or wherever you go on vacation, as well as quick stops at fast food spots. Aside from giving food advice, your Sensei also sends you encouraging words to get through those rough hours"for example the weak parts of the day, maybe your 2 o’clock chocolate fix or a late night cheese bender"and offers fitness tips to help you gain muscle while cutting unnecessary fats out of your diet. Your Sensai is there for you 24 hours a day, works around your budget, and researches new food items to cater to your specific palate all while hoping to make you more comfortable in your BODY.

LoseIt!: This is one of the more popular iPhone diet apps. According to the NYTimes, it had 3.5 million downloads in the first 14 months it was available. LoseIt! Is a combo calorie counter, weight tracker, with the ability to input goals, check calorie counts of specific foods, and put updates on your Facebook and Twitter account.

Mindful: Track your food intake using this fitness tool. It features a built-in food database, calculation of your recommended daily calories, food preferences, activity levels and much more to help you lose or gain weight.

* Source: www.HealthNews.com