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Djoni Basri Sculpture

Djoni Basri Sculpture

A e-Museum concept. Mr. Basri as a well-skilled sculptor have a willing to "save" all of his art work to keep them safe and memorable. With CMS-Admin in behind the scene.

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Celeb Star Online

Celeb Star Online

Another web site which is following and providing about Celebrity news and gossip. Content are managed through CMS-Admin

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Containing information about beauty products. Using Preview-Slider in smooth sliding yet fast to navigate. Also empowered with CMS-Admin

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Flaming Hips

Flaming Hips

Flaming Hips website is a online shop, selling imported fashion products. It has CMS Admin for managing content, PayPal integrated for payment method.

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Met Indonesia

Met Indonesia

Sweet, simple and clean design concept, providing information about beauty and skin care product. Also powered with user friendly CMS Admin and has Forum within

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Travel-Friendly Gadget: Nintendo DSi XL

=- Overview -=

Price: $189.99 - Amazon.com

Official Site: NintendoDSi.com

Specs: Screen: 4.2"; 6.33" x 3.59" x 0.83; 11.1 oz; Battery life: 13-17 hrs (minimum brightness); Stylus length: 3.77"

Company: Nintendo Co., Ltd.

T hough Nintendo has mentioned an upcoming 3D venture, will you still purchase the DSi?

The typical thought process when developing portable electronics is usually that smaller is better. Whether it is for reduced cost, improved energy efficiency or just cool form factor, sleek and slim is all the rage these days. Leave it to Nintendo to fly in the face of popular convention and take a temporary detour from its practice of miniaturizing the DS by going bigger and bolder with the new jumbo-size DSi XL.

Being 3.5 ounces heavier than the original Nintendo DSi, and with dual screens measuring a full inch larger than any other DS model, the $190 Nintendo DSi XL provides improved accuracy, better clarity and a visual experience that is easier on the eyes for long bouts of travel-friendly gameplay.

There are several key comfort factors that the new Nintendo DSi XL form offers for portable gamers. You would think that a bigger and heftier DS would be a hindrance for gaming on the go, but the added girth actually makes the console feel sturdier, and the bigger display surface provides relief for your wrists.

An obvious advantage to the seemingly massive 4.2-inch dual screens is that they are far gentler on the eyes. For guys prone to visual strain, or if you want to play a game with say, the person sitting next to you on a long flight, the DSi XL can accomplish both.

One of the small, but not entirely unexpected demerits for the DSi XL is the gadget's new glossy surface. While it does cause some snazzy visual pop, the shiny casing also doubles as a fingerprint and smudge magnet, which is not exactly the best trait when you consider you are going to have your paws all over this thing.

For text-heavy RPG games, or titles that rely on a lot of touch screen controls, there is a significant advantage to playing these genres on a Nintendo DSi XL. Games filled with dialogue and written text that previously would have been a strain on your eyeballs no longer are painful to us-, and the beefed-up size only improves the DS touch screen controls. In order to take advantage of the enlarged surface area, Nintendo has included a secondary stylus that could pass for a pen.

Nintendo didn't exactly do the DSi XL any favors by announcing the upcoming 3D capable Nintendo 3DS just a mere day after the XL hit North American shores. You could view this move as a stroke of goodwill by better informing the purchasing public, but the truth is you may be less inclined to pick up a DSi XL when you know that your video game console budget could be spent on a personal 3D unit in the not too distant future.

Although it may not be receiving the same PR push and buzz that usually surrounds Nintendo console releases, the XL is a well-made device. Both the graphics and audio on the Nintendo DSi XL are without a doubt better than any other DS released to date. Even at high levels, the sound on the XL is crisp and clear, so feel free to crank up the volume on your system and drown out annoying passengers on your morning commute to work. For travel gameplay outdoors, the XL does do an improved job at cutting down on glare; however, direct sunlight still overpowers the visuals, so it is best to use the XL indoors whenever possible.

If you have been itching to ditch that small screen on your DS or DSi, the DSi XL is an extremely well-made portable console that provides bigger display real estate and improved battery life in a larger console that is still very conducive to traveling. However, with the potentially revolutionary Nintendo 3DS looming on the horizon, it is hard to fully get behind a gadget that already seemingly has an expiration date.

In case you missed it, here's our review of the original Nintendo DSi.

* Source: www.AskMen.com